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All well and good. New technologies are often genuinely interesting and sometimes beneficial, but the biggest revolutions in the way we write software generally come from technologies that have already been around for some years and have already experienced gradual growth before they transition to explosive growth.

As the words change position and become interpolated into new texts, they retain a hint of their previous significations through the colors that link them to their earlier appearances. The mainstream state of the art revolves around lock-based programming, which is subtle and hazardous.

The continuing growth in on-die cache sizes is an incredibly important and highly applicable benefit for many applications, simply because space is speed.

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So maybe hacking does require some special ability to focus. But any application can be interesting if it poses novel technical challenges. As it happens, our compiler uses pointers much more heavily in its internal data structures than most other kinds of applications ever would. Note 96 Although this point somewhat muddies the waters in that it conflates operations performed by the reader with those performed by the computer, it nevertheless establishes common ground between scholars interested in bibliographic and textual criticism of print works and those oriented to close examination of digital texts.

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Moreover, the shift from print to programmable media is further complicated by the fact that compositional practices themselves continue to evolve as the technology changes at a dizzying pace.

The scope here is breathtaking, and if even a portion of the proposal can be successfully implemented, the contribution to the preservation, dissemination and archiving of electronic literature will be immense.

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Instead of writing Word directly in C, they'd be plugging together big Lego blocks of Word-language. The problem is, if you're not a hacker, you can't tell who the good hackers are. But hacking is like writing. Working from this assumption, the proposal envisions a set of practices and tools that will enable older electronic literature to be migrated to XML for preservation, facilitate XML compliant authoring, insure the inclusion of appropriate metadata to allow works properly to be identified and archived, develop tools for the easy reading, annotating, and teaching of electronic literature, and provide authors with applications for creating electronic literature in X-Lit formats.

The "X-Literature Initiative" makes startlingly clear that the formation we know as "literature" is a complex web of activities that includes much more than conventional images of writing and reading.

And the success of companies, and countries, will depend increasingly on how they deal with it. The hackers who become famous tend to become famous by random accidents of PR. With a foreshortened canon limited to a few years and without the opportunity to build the kinds of traditions associated with print literature, electronic literature would be doomed to the realm of ephemera, severely hampered in its development and the influence it can wield.

List of tools[ edit ]. The major factor in precipitating the shift, of course, was the huge expansion of the World Wide Web after the introduction of the Netscape and other robust and user-friendly browsers. In the second edition of Writing Space, subtitled Computers, Hypertext and the Remediation of Print, Bolter incorporates insights from the important work he co-authored with Richard Grusin, Remediation: The paper offers the results of an analysis of software development data through two different sets of data collection technique.

Multicore is about running two or more actual CPUs on one chip. For example, his White-Faced Bromeliads on 20 Hectares Note 44 uses JavaScript to investigate literary variants, with new text generated every ten seconds. How do I know that FreeMind is a high productivity tool.

Though, frankly, the fact that good hackers prefer Python to Java should tell you something about the relative merits of those languages. The Coming Software Apocalypse. A small group of programmers wants to change how we code—before catastrophe strikes.

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Software Development Tools Back to Resources Page This page provides a comprehensive list of software development tools and integrated development environments (IDE), both hosted and downloadable tools, used for software programming. Read a description of Program Development Tools. Free detailed reports on Program Development Tools are also available.

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