Sirinivasa ramanujan

Editors have permission to delete the "External links modified" sections if they want, but see the RfC before doing mass systematic removals. He went to the village Kovil and stayed there for long hours doing his own mathematical research. Ramanujan was shown how to solve cubic equations in and he went on to find his own method to solve the quartic.

Not all were correct but most were. I became all attention. Authorities at the University of Madras provided Ramanujan with a research scholarship which paid him at a rate more than twice what he had earned as a clerk.

Ramanujan had acquired knowledge through Goddess Namagiri a version of Goddess Kali. Devi's word " Anth hi aarambh hai " i.

There were some who were reluctant to heap such honors on a foreigner and a young one at that. Ramanujan, the mathematics student of Madras University.

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The Goddess Namagiri Ramanujan and a friend, Narayana Ayyar, spent three consecutive days praying to the Goddess Namagiri for her to provide guidance. In he began to work on his own on mathematics summing geometric and arithmetic series.


In Ayyar was living in the Triplicane district of Madras. The way he learned mathematics in his early life was not depicted in the film. Overcoming his religious objections, Ramanujan traveled to England inwhere Hardy tutored him and collaborated with him in some research. But he found neither.

Perhaps his most famous work was on the number p n of partitions of an integer n into summands. Hardy and Ramanujan had highly contrasting personalities. Though he had put it to intuition he felt that mere intuition is not enough for such complex mathematical theorems.

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He had a severe bout of tuberculosis. There is in Hindu theology a prohibition against crossing the deep, dark sea and Ramanujan was a devout Hindu. Nothing Ramanujan is likely to have achieved had he lived long could have stood beside the impact Newtonian physics Classical Mechanics has had on the practical world.

Hardy wrote in a letter [ 3 ]: I have not trodden through the conventional regular course which is followed in a university course, but I am striking out a new path for myself. Srinivasa Ramanujan. It is one of the most romantic stories in the history of mathematics: inthe English mathematician G.


What Are the Contributions of Srinivasa Ramanujan?

Hardy received a strange letter from an unknown clerk in Madras, India. Mar 25,  · Home»» Ramanujan, Hardy and the God debate. Ramanujan, Hardy and the God debate Ramanujan’s Infinite Series for pi (?) converges extraordinarily rapidly.

It is the fastest algorithm currently in use for the purpose. Hardy and Ramanujan. by Kumar David. an enjoyable film about the Cambridge days of Sirinivasa Ramanujan. Srinivasa Ramanujan was a largely self-taught pure mathematician.

Ramanujan, Hardy & The God Debate

Hindered by poverty and ill-health, his highly original work has considerably enriched number theory and, more recently, physics. View the profiles of people named Sirinivasa Ramanujan.

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Srinivasa Ramanujan

If you can improve it further, please do so. The day marks the birthday of Mathematician Sirinivasa Ramanujan. A variety of Inter Class and Inter house competitions were held during the day.

The Inter house competitions included Designing Mathematical Jewellery, Rangoli using Tangrams and making a Jigsaw puzzle of formulae using the app Formulator Tarsia.

Sirinivasa ramanujan
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The man who taught infinity: how GH Hardy tamed Srinivasa Ramanujan's genius