Land use charge law in lagos

The person responsible for the contamination will be required to restore the soil and groundwater to appropriate safety levels. Upon discovery of contamination and reporting of the same, the EIA Report would typically provide an action plan for mitigating the effects of the potential contamination.

He is alleged to have a glass skyscraper in Ikeja area of Lagos, estimated to cost several millions of naira, while in Osun State, the pastor is also said to be building an edifice which will later be converted to a university, and it is called Land of Dreams.

Commercial property used by occupier for business purposes —0. Its acts are not acts of the parent company and the parent company is not responsible for its acts or defaults, in the absence of specific provisions to that effect in a contract between them. Where developed land is not in urban area, the law is that the person in whom such land was vested before the Act came into commencement shall continue to have it vested in him as if he was a holder of a customary right of occupancy granted by a local government.

If the contract between the polluter and the purchaser says that all liability is transferred upon completion and no exceptions are made for contamination, a purchaser will be liable and will have no right of recourse to the previous owner.

Before this Court, Professor Jegede, of counsel for the appellant by motion urged the Court to allow him argue additional ground of appeal on point of law not canvassed and not fully adverted to in the Court of Appeal and on which Court of Appeal never pronounced or refused to pronounce upon His Brief of Argument already adverted to the issues.

We need to put more effort into sustaining such projects or terminals, for good optimum performance. The FEPAAct also provides that unless the owner or operator of any vessel or onshore or offshore facility from which the hazardous substance is discharged can show that the discharge was caused by a natural disaster or an act of war or sabotage, the owner or occupier shall be subject to the cost of removal and restoration or compensation as the case may be.

Nigerian courts have awarded special and general damages in actions for damages arising from environmental pollution. Lack of clarity on the LUC formula to support self-assessment; 2. In fact it baffles me that 6 out of 10 people I know who have bought lands in the past have no deed of assignment.

The defendant therefore avers that the land in dispute in the present suit is the same as the land in Suit No. The university charges different fees in three different colleges but the fees are from N, and above.

Too much energy was wasted on the contention that 2nd P. Harmful Wastes Special Criminal Provisions etc. While he was alleged to be using different names to defraud the church, the pastor, knowing fully well that the British authorities may close in on him, instead of investing the money over there, he invested heavily here in Nigeria on properties.

We are not blocking any route. A shareholder of a company would typically not be personally liable for environmental damage or other liabilities of a company, under the principle of limited liability. Who is responsible for the property enumeration and valuation. Under the Harmful Waste Act, "harmful waste" is defined "to mean any injurious, poisonous, toxic or waste-emitting radioactive substance if the waste is in such quantity, whether with any other consignment of the same or of different substance, as to subject any person to the risk of death, fatal injury or incurable impairment of physical and mental health; and the fact that the harmful waste is placed in a container shall not by itself be taken to exclude any risk which might be expected to arise from the harmful waste".

In addition to this, radioactive waste must be categorised and kept in suitable containers with visible labels indicating the nature of waste generated, the date of waste generation, the waste category and other relevant information. The state has no right to dispossess a person of his property lawfully acquired without reason and that reason shall be in the public interest with adequate provisions made in the enabling statute to pay compensation that is just.

Plaintiff will rely on this Survey Plan at the hearing of the case. Simeon's building, On the third side by Mr. A typical defence is that the act e. Our govt lack mentainance.

Nigerians are toooo dirty. What was required to be resolved, said he, "was not what had a better grant but who had a better title. The ultimate responsibility lies with the producer, as under Nigerian law, the "polluter pays" principle applies.

Emmanuel Adeyeye Adelakun was at all material times engaged in the Chambers of S. Facts emerging from any pleading, raising new matters and throwing new light on the adversary's averment must be denied. Apatira, who prepared him a Survey Plan Offences under the EPWMA Act include burying or dumping expired drugs or chemicals without a permit, using gamalin 20 or any herbicide, insecticide or other chemicals to kill fishes or any other aquatic life in rivers, lakes and streams.

The above extract of Exhibit A is not proof of custom of Osu. His main stock in trade is the trust and goodwill of his client which ought to protect at all times otherwise he will go out of business. May 02,  · The police have confirmed the re-arrest of a senator, Dino Melaye, after his arraignment and subsequent bail at a Wuse Zone 2 Chief Magistrate’s Court in Abuja, on Wednesday.

Those kicking against the implementation of the revised LUC Act are living with the fear of the harmless, experts have said. To them, the outrage over the law reviewed by the administration of.

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Police Charge Dino Melaye With Attempted Suicide, Insist He Be Arraigned In Kogi State

it is said is the root of all evils, and it is the only reason the current trend in the Christian community has been drawing many pastors farther from God every single day. There was a time when Christian missionaries were renowned for their simple lifestyle.


They would leave the comfort of their homes, often in western countries, to live in Africa. nigerian property, real estate and land law cases [policy, practice & publishing law reports, 3plr]. The new Ikeja Bus Terminal, unarguably, is the most ultra-modern bus terminal in Nigeria. This new transport infrastructure demonstrates yet another brilliance of the Ambode administration.

Land use charge law in lagos
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